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Welcome to our online nutritionist clinic! Are you tired of feeling sluggish, suffering life long medical conditions which need support, struggling with weight gain or loss, or just wanting to take control of your health? Our team of certified nutritionists is here to help you achieve your goals through personalised online consultations, workshops, and programs.

At our clinic, we understand that not everyone has the time or ability to make in-person appointments with a nutritionist. That's why we offer the convenience of online appointments, so you can get the help you need from the comfort of your own home. Our online consultations are conducted through our special Telehealth software called Cliniko (it works a bit like Zoom), so you can still have a face-to-face experience with your nutritionist.

Telehealth is a way to provide health care remotely using technology. Cliniko software is one of the telehealth platforms that allow patients to have virtual nutrition consultations with their healthcare provider.

With Cliniko, our patients can schedule appointments online, fill out forms, and have virtual consultations through video conferencing. Patients can also access their health records, treatment plans and test results. This software also allows us to send messages and share notes with our patients, and even send prescriptions electronically.

Cliniko software provides a secure and efficient way for our patients to access health care from the comfort of their own home, saving time and energy. It eliminates the need for travelling and waiting in long lines. With Cliniko, our patients and our nutritionists can communicate and collaborate effectively, making your nutrition healthcare more accessible and convenient..

Clinic Locations Don't Matter

Are you looking to improve your vitality and well-being, but struggling to find the time to make it to in-person appointments? Online nutrition coaching may be the solution you've been looking for.

With online nutrition coaching, you can work with a certified nutritionist from the comfort of your own home. No need to worry about travelling to a clinic or fitting Nutrition appointments into your busy schedule. Online coaching also allows for a more flexible schedule, making it easier to fit in an online appointment around your busy lifestyle.

Online nutrition coaching also offers the convenience of not having to take time off work or arrange childcare. You can simply log into your appointment from your computer or phone, making it easy to fit into your day. It’s simply a clinic online.

Online nutrition offers…

  • Convenience: No need to travel to a clinic or fit appointments into your busy schedule
  • Flexibility: More flexible schedule to fit appointments around your busy lifestyle
  • Personalised and tailored plans: Pre-consultation form allows for a more tailored approach to suit your specific health goals and needs
  • Ongoing support and accountability: Regular check-ins and the ability to communicate with your health coach in between appointments
  • Privacy: You can have your consultation from the comfort of your own home without any privacy concern
  • Cost-effective: Online consultations may be cheaper than in-person appointments
  • Access to a wide range of health professionals: Online consultations allow you to work with a wide range of nutritionists from different locations
  • No geographical barriers: You can consult with a health professional from anywhere in the world at any time (that suits us - haha)
  • Time-saving: Online consultations can save you time and energy

In addition to the convenience factor, online nutrition coaching also allows for more personalised and tailored plans. Before your first appointment, you'll fill out a pre-consultation form, allowing your nutritionist to understand your specific health goals, food and dietary needs. From there, they can create a personalised plan that is tailored to you, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach often used in in-person appointments.

Online nutrition coaching also offers the opportunity for ongoing support and accountability. With regular check-ins and the ability to communicate with your nutritionist in between appointments, you'll have the support you need to stay on track and achieve your health goals.

In fact, a recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that online health care can be just as effective as in-person care for certain conditions. The study included over 500 participants who received either online or in-person care for conditions such as depression, anxiety, and diabetes.

The results showed that participants who received online care reported similar improvements in their conditions as those who received in-person care. In fact, some participants reported that they preferred online care because of the convenience and flexibility it offered over specific clinic locations.

The study also found that online care can be more cost-effective than in-person care. The researchers found that costs were lower for online care, which can make it more accessible to people who may not be able to afford traditional in-person care.

Overall, the study suggests that online health care can be an effective option for certain conditions. It offers convenience, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, and can be just as effective as in-person care. This is particularly important for people who live in rural areas or have mobility issues, who may not have easy access to traditional healthcare.

Online health care is a valuable option that can be used to provide care to people who might not have access to traditional in-office nutritional health care. It's an innovative way of providing healthcare to people who need it most.

Overall, online nutrition coaching offers a convenient, personalised, and supportive solution for those looking to improve their vitality and well-being. With the ability to work with a certified nutritionist from the comfort of your own home, and a tailored plan to suit your specific needs, online nutrition coaching is an effective way to achieve your health goals.

Online Nutrition Consultations for Better Health

Online Nutrition Consultations for Better Health

Our clinic offers a wide range of services, from gut health programs to children’s health programs. We also offer online workshops, which are a great way to learn about healthy eating habits and how to make lasting changes to your diet.

Gut health is an essential component of overall health and well-being. Our gut health program is designed to help improve your digestion and eliminate any discomfort or bloating you may be experiencing. We'll work with you to create a personalised plan that includes the right foods and supplements to support your gut health.

Here is a list of just some of the conditions we help with online nutrition…

  • Weight loss: Achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and sustainable way
  • Weight gain: Gain weight in a healthy and balanced way
  • Gut health: Improve digestion and eliminate discomfort or bloating
  • Plant-based nutrition: Incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet for optimal health
  • Body testing: Understand your unique nutritional needs and create a personalised plan
  • Diabetes management: Manage diabetes through a healthy diet and lifestyle
  • Cardiovascular health: Improve heart health through a balanced diet and exercise
  • Immune system support: Boost your immune system with the right foods and supplements
  • Mental health: Improve mood and reduce anxiety through a balanced diet
  • Pregnancy and lactation: Ensure optimal health for mother and baby through a healthy diet
  • Sports nutrition: Optimise performance and recovery through proper nutrition
  • Detox and cleansing: Cleanse your body and improve overall health with a detox program.

Weight Gain and Eating Better

Weight gain can be a sensitive subject for many people. Our weight gain program is designed to help you achieve a healthy weight in a safe and sustainable way. We'll work with you to create a personalised plan that includes the right foods and supplements to support your weight gain goals.

And that is just a start.

Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist / Dietitian Online

Benefits of Seeing a Nutritionist : Dietitian Online

Our team of online nutritionists and online dietitians are dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals. We use a holistic approach, taking into account not just your dietary needs, but also your overall health and well-being. We work with you to create a program that is not only effective but also sustainable and enjoyable.

We believe that healthy eating should be fun and enjoyable, not a chore. That's why we offer a variety of courses and coaching sessions, as well as a team of nutritionists who are here to support you every step of the way.

Our clinic also offers body testing, so we can get a better understanding of your unique nutritional needs. We'll work with you to create a program that is based on your test results and your goals.

We also offer plant-based programs, for those who are interested in incorporating more plant-based foods into their diet. Our nutritionists are experts in plant-based nutrition and can help you create a healthy and balanced diet that is tailored to your needs.

We understand that the journey to a healthier you can be challenging, but it doesn't have to be. Our team is here to support you every step of the way, and we offer free support and coaching to all of our clients.

If you're ready to take control of your health and achieve your goals, book your consultation today. Our team of nutritionists is here to help you achieve your health and weight loss goals, in a fun and engaging way.

Eating the right foods and having a balanced diet can improve your mood, energy levels, and overall health. Our online nutritionist clinic offers a wide range of services to help you achieve your health goals, including online consultations, online workshops, and personalised programs. Let's work together to create a healthier you!

frequently asked questions and answers

What is an online nutritionist and how do they differ from an in-person nutritionist?

An online nutritionist is a licensed and certified professional who provides nutrition advice and guidance through online consultations. They can provide the same services as an in-person nutritionist, such as creating personalised meal plans and providing education on healthy eating habits. The main difference is that online nutritionists provide their services remotely, through video conferencing or telephone calls.

How do I schedule an appointment with an online nutritionist?

You can schedule an appointment with one of our online nutritionists and online dietitian team by visiting our website and filling out an appointment request form or calling us on our clinic line +613 5947 4897. Some nutritionists may also offer the option to schedule an appointment through their own personal website or through a telehealth platform such as Zoom. We use a secure telehealth software called Cliniko.

What should I expect during an online consultation with a nutritionist?

During an online consultation, our nutritionist will ask you about your health goals, dietary needs, and any current health concerns. They will also ask you to fill out a pre-consultation form before your appointment. During the consultation, your nutritionist will provide you with personalised nutrition advice and create a meal plan based on your specific needs.

Will I need to have any special equipment or software for an online consultation?

You will need a device with internet access and a camera, such as a computer or smartphone, to participate in an online consultation.

Can online nutritionists prescribe supplements or medications?

Online nutritionists can prescribe supplements, and may recommend them as part of a personalised nutrition plan. These are also checked for contraindications with medication you may be taking. Making sure they are of benefit and not going to cause you harm.

How long do online consultations typically last?

Online consultations typically last between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the nutritionist and the specific needs of the patient.

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