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Welcome to MP Nutrition. We are a passionate team of nutritionists and dietitians in Melbourne, Victoria. We are here to help you improve your health and life through nutrition.
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How Our Dietitians And Nutritionist Team Develop Personalised Strategies

If you are suffering from any health issues, our team of certified nutritionists are here to help. No matter the issue, our services have you covered. We've helped dozens of Melbourne’s residents overcome crippling chronic health issues, and we did it with a scientific approach. We remove the guesswork by developing personalised plans to help ensure achievable results.

Let's show you how we achieve our results,

1. Book A Call With MP Nutrition

It all starts on that first call. We listen to the health challenges you have been facing, and then we discuss the options you have. Ideally, the consultation with our Melbourne dietitians will last between 60 and 90 minutes. Yes, we take it that seriously. We will take a deep dive into your medical history to gain a multilevel understanding of how food impacts your body and health. When you work with us, it is our mission to help you achieve your objective, and to do so, we need to understand and identify your current health situation to ensure success. Our team may suggest you have some additional tests, from functional testing options to bloods taken. We mean it when we say we want to understand what is wrong with your health now to improve it in the near future.

2. Review And Develop Your Unique Strategy

Once we've had the initial consultation and you've received your test results, we meet again to plan out your new happy and healthy future. WHilst we review your results, we might identify that you are lacking a certain mineral or vitamin. Our first step would be addressing the imbalance. During this session we will discuss the foods which are most going to benefit you. We will walk through all the aspects of your custom plan such as when to eat certain foods and how to prepare and incorporate them. We will cover how long it would take to hit your goals along with the cost associated with our nutritional services. You will be supplied with a detailed report on the strategy we have developed along with guidance on the appropriate exercise routines. All made uniquely for you aimed specifically at achieving your ideal healthy life!

3. We Set Goals And Hold You Accountable

The best laid plans fail if they are not executed correctly. What makes MP Nutrition unique is our goal setting strategy and how we ensure you're not alone through this transformation. It can be challenging making such drastic changes in one's life, but if you want to feel better and improve your overall health, you need to do this. But, you're not alone. Unlike our competitors, we will be with you every step of the way. In the initial stages of your plan, we like to chat with you every week. You'll be able to ask our nutrition team any question you might have along the way. This approach enables us to not only check in on how you are progressing with your new program, but we can help keep you accountable. Ensuring you are hitting the targets to ensure you smash your objectives. This level of support and care isn't offered by many other nutritionist in Vic. But, with over 20 years in the nutrition industry, we know exactly what works and doesn't.

4. Results

Our only objective is for you to achieve your health goals. We can confidently state that we have helped hundreds of individuals over the past 20 years struggling with health complications and we helped them with nutrition. If you want to see results, you need to work with a team of nutritionists that are certified, qualified and experienced. Most of our staff hold bachelor level qualifications in the field of nutrition and functional medicine.

If you want results you need to work with a team as passionate and experienced as MP Nutrition. So, call us now.

Services Our Team Of Nutritionist Offer For The Lovely People Of Melbourne

MP Nutrition is packed with a team of highly educated and qualified nutritionists. We don't only offer the basics, we cover most health issues that nutrition can help alleviate.

Women's Health

Women require unique approaches to nutrition. Our nutritionists know that unhealthy food can cause serious damage to the female hormonal system. We've helped women address all kinds of specific health issues.

Here are the areas of women's health were we excel,

  • Pregnancy: Our Nutritionist will develop a unique plan for the expecting mother to ensure herself and her baby is receiving the key nutrients their bodies require.
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS): We can help bring back the balance to your hormones. We do this by creating powerful plans with the information collected from your test to ensure balance is restored.
  • Osteoporosis: It's no surprise that 67% of Victorian women are suffering from this disease. However, with the proper diet, and the right foods, you can look to remove the risk from your own life.
  • Menopause: Our nutritionist team can help you manage the changes your body goes through during menopause.
  • Gut Issues: We can help you overcome stomach issue that may be impacting your daily life like IBS and constipation.

Men's Health

Without the proper nutrition, a man cannot expect to perform at his very best. We have helped hundreds of men improve their diet and health with tailor made plans to help them achieve their goals.

Here are a list of areas we help our male clients,

  • Testosterone Levels: A poor diet will tank your testosterone levels. In fact, today's nutritional scientist suggest it is due to a poor diet that men's testosterone levels are exceeding low. We can help improve your levels with the appropriate diet and exercise plan.
  • Gain Muscle Mass: If you want to create the ideal figure, you need to build muscle while burning fat. Gaining a muscular physique requires you consuming the right food. You need the right fuel to help you power through your workouts.

Children's Health

If your child isn't able to concentrate during class, or is having bouts with illnesses, eczema, skin rashes . These conditions can be caused by nutrient (vitamin and mineral) deficiencies and high intakes of junk food. You should strongly consider helping your child with diet management.

Weight Loss

Trying to achieve a healthy weight? We are weight loss specialists in Melbourne. We can help you achieve your perfect weight with our exceptional support service. We don't only create your diet and exercise plan, but we go the whole way and walk with you at every stage.

Recipe Development

Which fruits and vegetables are right for your new diet? That's where the MP Nutrition team steps in. We will listen to your objectives and create a custom meal plan for your fitness goals.

Online Consultations

Want to chat with our team from the comfort of your own home? We offer online consultations to individuals all over Victoria, Australia. No need to enter our clinic; just pick a time and book your online appointment.

frequently asked questions and answers

Can Your Team Help With Food Intolerances?

Yes, we can help you deal with food intolerances. This is an area where our accredited practising team excels, and we would like to help you improve your body's inflammation with the right strategy, like our wellness workshop.

What Is A Dietitian?

A practising dietitian is a member of the Australian Dietitians Association. They are similar to a nutritionist. However, a dietitian usually only studies nutrition at university, while a nutritionist not only studies but practices their craft.

Can A Dietitian Help With An Eating Disorder?

Yes, dietitians can help you with an eating disorder . If you find you are struggling, reach out to our team, and we can help you.

Do You Provide Intuitive Eating Advice And Offer Private Health Claims?

Yes, we provide intuitive eating advice and it can be covered in part by your private health. Call our team today to find the perfect therapy that works for you.


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