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Bec Lean

My name is Bec Lean and I'm a degree qualified, Clinical Nutritionist since 2021. Since then I have been furthering my knowledge where possible with extra courses. I have a special interest in women's and kids' health.

I love nothing more than helping people achieve their optimal health, whatever that may be to them. I love working with women helping them achieve their goals, whether that be natural fertility, reproductive or wellness. I also love helping anyone with their chronic health issues or just a holistic health reset.

Personally, I love spending time with friends and family, time in nature and traveling. I’m a mum of two kids where I am often referred to as a soccer mum, which is something I bring into the clinic space. Helping mums who are restricted with time.

Wherever there is food, you will find me. I love cooking up a storm for friends and family and incorporating anything that has been home grown where possible and keeping with the seasons.

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